Joining MTN

In accordance with the MTN Sim registration requirements as guided by the Government of South Sudan. For registration to be considered complete, the requirements include the following.

  1. A clear customer Photo
  2. A correctly completed SIM Registration Form
  3. An identification document: Including ( Referendum card, Passport, Driver’s license, National ID)

Dial*100*10# to verify your registration status.

Please visit any MTN service center near you for assistance.

​Buy and register or swap and replace your MTN SIM card at the following MTN Service Centres;​ .​

S/No CSP Name Location CSP Supervisor  /RSD
1 WAU CSP Western Bahar Elgazal Ayin William Deng
2 Aweil CSP Northern Bahar Elgazal Peter Mau Chol
3 Rumbek CSP Lakes State Rumbek James Marial
4 Torit CSP Eastern Equatoria State Emmanuel Mawa Paul
5 Nimule Shop in Shop CSP Eastern Equatoria State Mary Poni Eric
6 Yambio Shop in Shop Western Equatoria State Setephen Abataki
7 Kuajok Shop in Shop Warrap State Emmanuel Peter
8 Yei Shop in Shop Central Equitoria State TBC
9 Kony Konyo Connet Store Central Equitoria State Husham
10 Custom Market Shop In Shop Central Equitoria State Josephine Gune
11 Gumbo Sherikhat Shop in Shop Central Equitoria State Donna Wongo Nicholas
12 Hai Cenima CSP HQ Central Equitoria State Annaliza Loro
13 Juba Twon CSP Central Equitoria State Oyiti Opeck
14 Gudele CSP Central Equitoria State Salama Husein