Background on MTN Small Business Roundtable

The MTN Small Business Support Program is a non-monetary small business program of MTN South Sudan aimed at helping small businesses and startups scale through advertising and capacity support.
The support provided by MTN include:
Marketing Support:

  1. Social Media ads – Ads are produced by MTN for the products or services of these small businesses and distributed on all of MTN’s social media channels.
  2. Tag Messages – MTN Replaces all recharge tags and network notification messages with product promotion messages to drive uptake for the products of these small businesses
  3. Radio – MTN uses it’s radio spots to promote the products of these small businesses
    Capacity Building and Networking
  4. Through the MTN Small Business Roundtable, MTN brings world class entrepreneurs to the small business community to speak on topics relevant to the start up/ small business journey.
  5. Create a networking group of beneficiaries and alumni of the program to enable them share knowledge
  6. Provide opportunities for some of these small businesses to provide services to MTN.
  7. MTN provides Home/Office internet connectivity via our existing business products to the beneficiaries during the period of the program
    To participate, beneficiaries send a one-page proposal, indicating what their business is and how the program can help them scale or grow.
    The review team shortlists and interviews the potential candidates. Their services are tested, and factories visited to validate the existence of the business or service being provided. Successful applicants then sign an agreement with MTN South Sudan before being announced as beneficiaries.